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I'm Arthur. I've been making things for over a decade. I've done both professional and hobbyist web development, game development and game design using a variety of tools and languages. I'm based in New York City and always willing to chat about both web and game development.

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Selected Projects and Skills

thumbnail of Om Nom Blitz

Om Nom Blitz
Om Nom Blitz is quick 2-player, local multiplayer game I made for Ludum Dare 33

thumbnail of Crush II

Crush II
Crush II is a quick game I made for mobile and desktop which started as a deconstruction of the match 3 genre. In this case you're trying to match 2 blocks as they fall at increasing speeds while trying to maintain combos and shoot for a large multiplier

thumbnail of Kontroise

Kontroise is a prototype of a game I was looking to make. It's pretty playable, and I do intend on returning to it one day. However, the concept most likely will change, and the text to speech concept will be replaced with actual voice acting. This was initially made for a Ludum Dare

thumbnail of Fantastic Dueling Hearts in Space 2: Robots Dueling Over a Volcano

Fantastic Dueling Hearts in Space 2: Robots Dueling Over a Volcano
This game was originally made for a Global Game Jam. 2 to 4 players can join in and play this fast-paced competitive game. Freely change the color of the trails you leave behind and eat pellets to get longer in an effort to get your opponents to hit a trail that is not of their current color

thumbnail of Microsoft Jackpot

Microsoft Jackpot
During my time at Arkadium, I was a game programmer on this project from the start. We developed this for Windows 8, and it was available for free on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. I didn't work on any of the monetization portions however, but my hand was involved in every other portion of the game, and I personally added a lot of tweaking for game feel on the Jungle and Ocean theme bonus game sequences. Unfortunately, Microsoft has delisted this project and is no longer officially available for download

Thumbnail of Fantastic Dueling Hearts in Space

Fantastic Dueling Hearts in Space
Fantastic Dueling Hearts in Space was made for the Global Game Jam 2013 in collaboration with Yudou Zhao. It’s a game about indirect combat. Each player must hit each other with the environmental obstacles by pushing them via a pumping mechanism activated by holding a button and releasing. We were voted 2nd place in best game design for the NYU Game Center location

Thumbnail of Springer

I worked on this game with Dennis Liaw for a ludum dare. We thought of an idea that was effectively "what if your character can only jump and nothing else?" As always we did all the art, music, and audio from scratch. This was one of the games I used propellerhead Figure to write the music for. Unfortunately due to changes in modern web browsers the current build won't let you pass a certain point in some browsers

Thumbnail of Airdrop Museum

Airdrop Museum
Air Drop Museum was a game made for the Quantum Box logo game. Quantum Box logo games are super simple, web based games that are generally made in 2-4 hours. This one is about a cat who is stuck curating a museum forever

Thumbnail of Prodigal Sun

Prodigal Sun
This game was made for the 2012 Molyjam as in collaboration with other local NYC devs. I primarily handled programming and visual effects. We created this one using Flixel

Thumbnail of A 2013 Lawn Odyssey

A 2013 Lawn Odyssey
This was made for the 2013 Molyjam. The theme for this one was "There is an acorn, and it is a golden acorn. We’re taking acorns to the next level." I'll let you explore for yourself

Thumbnail of Root

Selected for the “Most Beautiful” award at the NYU Game Center Jam site, Root was designed for the 2011 Global Game Jam. Collect nutrients, water and energy as you guide a new species of plant through the treacherous earth. Mixed-media artwork combines digital techniques with pastels, watercolor and charcoal. Dynamic sound allows the player’s gameplay to contribute to the auditory experience. Avoid predators and obstacles, and reach the surface before you’re doomed to extinction

Thumbnail Waffle

Waffle was a collaboration between Bob Clark and myself for the Global Game Jam 2010. It is a platformer where managing conversations is how you progress through the game

Thumbnail of Caution! Falling Coconuts!

Caution! Falling Coconuts!
This game was made in 4 hours during a small Game Jam I organized with a few friends of mine. Our idea evolved into a two player game in which one player tries to drop coconuts on the other. This player has 50 coconuts at their disposal to try to land 5 of them on the other player’s head. The player on the ground has camera focus, so they can use that to their advantage to make it more difficult for the player trying to drop coconuts

Thumbnail of Kitty Crusade

Kitty Crusade
Kitty Crusade was a game I made for the Ludumdare 22 in about 12 hours. The theme was "alone". It’s a game about wandering into a forbidden area only to find out that it was not the best of ideas for reasons you didn't expect

Thumbnail of Super Data Entry Extreme!

Super Data Entry Extreme!
This game was made for the GDC 2012 pirate kart. It was an art game exploration of Corporate America, and what is often seen as necessary to make your way to the top

Thumbnail of Bubble Bubble

Bubble Bubble
This game was made as a digital demonstration of a game designed by Jesse Fuchs. It is about stock trading, and riding the bubble for as long as possible until it bursts. It was drafted for the Babycastles Credit Due Exhibit curated by Jesse Fuchs at the Showpaper 42nd St Gallery beginning on January 6th, 2011. Unfortunately I don’t have the source or the executable anymore, but it really was a gallery show specific piece and I wouldn't have distributed it outside special exhibitions in any event

Thumbnail of Size Matters

Size Matters
This was a game I made as a final project for a Flash class. It was loosely inspired by Katamari Damacy. It was envisioned to eventually be sort of a puzzle game, where managing your size affected how you could progress and such. I'm considering revisiting this and building it into something more respectable

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