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11 Dec

Forgotten Legacy

This was the bgm for the game I made for F**k This Jam called “Escortory” It’s a terrible name, but

06 Dec

Balance and Reason

This was a fun track to make. This was the main game BGM in Evo Space for Ludum Dare. It

06 Dec

Fantastic Dueling Hearts in Space Title Screen

Here’s the audio from the title screen of Fantastic Dueling Hearts We planned on working on the game more but

06 Dec

A 2013 Lawn Odyseey Experience

Here is a soundscape I put together based on the 2013 MolyJam game I made with Dennis Liaw. The music

11 Mar

Cold, Uphill Battle

I wanted to do another Ice Cap Zone remix so here’s yet another Ice Cap Zone remix.

10 Mar

Relics of the Forest

When looking back at an old story, the forest portion of the world inspired this piece. Sadly, I can’t reveal

10 Mar

The Lab

This track is was a concept version of a piece for a WIP game I was programming and writing audio for.

11 Feb

Root OST

This is the audio track written by Chris Algoo and I for the game Root during the 2011 Global Game