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13 Mar

Caution! Falling Coconuts

This game was made in 4 hours during a small Game Jam I organized with a few friends of mine. Our

12 Mar

Air Drop Museum

Air Drop Museum was a game made for the Quantum Box logo game. Quantum Box logo games are super simple,

10 Mar

Size Matters

This was a game I made as a final project for a Flash class. It was loosely inspired by Katamari

10 Mar


Waffle was a collaboration between Bob Clark and myself for the Global Game Jam 2010. It is a platformer where

20 Feb

Bubble Bubble

This game was made as a digital demonstration of a game designed by Jesse Fuchs. It is about stock trading,

11 Feb


Selected for the “Most Beautiful” award at the NYU Game Center Jam site, Root was designed for the 2011 Global Game