06 Dec

A 2013 Lawn Odyseey Experience

Here is a soundscape I put together based on the 2013 MolyJam game I made with Dennis Liaw. The music

31 Oct

Fantastic Dueling Hearts in Space

Fantastic Dueling Hearts in Space was made for the Global Game Jam 2013 in collaboration with Yudou Zhao. It’s a

07 Jun

Prodigal Sun

This game was made for the 2012 Molyjam as in collaboration with other local NYC devs. I primarily handled programming

13 Mar

Kitty Crusade

Kitty Crusade was a game I made for the Ludumdare 22 in about 12 hours. The theme was alone. It’s

13 Mar

Super Data Entry Extreme!

This game was made for the GDC 2012 pirate kart. It was an art game exploration of Corporate America, and

13 Mar

Caution! Falling Coconuts

This game was made in 4 hours during a small Game Jam I organized with a few friends of mine. Our

12 Mar

Air Drop Museum

Air Drop Museum was a game made for the Quantum Box logo game. Quantum Box logo games are super simple,

11 Mar

Cold, Uphill Battle

I wanted to do another Ice Cap Zone remix so here’s yet another Ice Cap Zone remix.

10 Mar

Insane People

Wrote this track which is essentially a mashup of a friend’s voice clips recorded from my mumble server. I was

10 Mar

Relics of the Forest

When looking back at an old story, the forest portion of the world inspired this piece. Sadly, I can’t reveal