18 Dec

Springer – Ludumdare 28 Game

So Dennis Liaw and myself worked on a game for this past Ludumdare. For those new to it, Ludumdare is a 48-72 hour game jam held a few times a year broken into two categories. The Compo is where you work solo to produce a game in 48 hours. The Jam is more relaxed, where you can work with multiple people if you want and you also get an additional 24 hours for a total of 72 hours to work on your game. Each Ludumdare has a theme and the theme for this month’s Ludumdare was “You only get one”

So what did we make? Well this:


Springer is a platform where the only way you can move is by jumping.

We both were busy on Friday, and spent most of Saturday thinking of ideas with few results. So we met up on Sunday and spent time just playing with some concepts until something clicked and felt okay. We spent a few hours on Sunday adding some more art, fixing bugs, putting together some audio, making the laughably few levels, and finally submitting. My favorite part was making sure the jump sound was actually randomly picked from a selection of 5 slightly different jump sounds so it didn’t become overly painful to listen to.

This is a game that may also see much more attention given to it in the coming weeks as we want to give this proper polish, better level designs, and more.

Check out the Ludumdare entry here

Direct link to the game here

Use arrow keys to move.